Old Village Supper (Home) Mt. Pleasant
Culinary Workshops

Old Hibben Church

In this beautiful atmosphere, one learns the basics of cooking, perfects a specialty, or gains a new appreciation for their full range of senses.
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Supper classes are taught in the new ‘kitchen’ wing of the renovated Old Hibben Church in Old Village, Mt. Pleasant, SC. Melissa and her husband, Todd, began renovations in 2005, preserving the unique architectural features of the church while turning it into a private residence.

After the living quarters were finished, they installed a modern commercial kitchen with all the amenities of the finest restaurants, but with the natural charm only Old Village can offer. These modern facilities play host to Melissa’s Supper workshops, intimate settings of 6-8 people enjoying the season’s best ingredients.

Perfect for a group of friends, come visit Old Hibben Church through the aromas and flavors of our culinary workshops.