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Quinoa, faro, spelt and kamut. Join use in an exploration of the history and preparation of these ancient grains. Learn how spelt has survived in Provance as a “relic crop” in such dishes as Rissotto of spelt with clams and Juniper berry caramel and spelt bread. Cook with the ancient wheat, farro, and make a beautiful salad out of Quinoa fruit berries.

Embrace the season change with a warm fire and the ultimate comfort foods. We will demonstrate the art of braising farm foods from the sea to the meadow. Come learn the secrets of braising and the foods that accompany them best.

“A brasserie is not a bistro.” Brasseries tend to be larger and sell classically simple food prepared in a straight forward fashion. Come learn how to prepare the dishes that have made them famous... quiche lorraine, buck-wheat crepes stuffed with spinach and gruyere and French onion soup finished with molten chocolate cake... just to name a few.

Seasonal vegetable dishes straight from the row. Come learn some mouth watering ways of preparing vegetables available to us from our local farms. In the heat of the summer make goat cheese stuffed zucchini blossoms with vine-ripe tomato salsa crudo or on a winter evening sit down with a bowl of deilcato squach soup with ricotta dumplings.

Delicate filled ravioli, savory gnocchi and farm fresh egg pastas…Come join us in transforming simple ingredients into sublime dishes. You will feel like you are back in the old country. Learn tips on drying, storing and cooking fresh pastas and the preparation of delicious sauces to complement.

The ultimate food for the soul. Join us in preparing those dishes served in the classic Paris bistros... duck confit, cassoulet, steak frites and sautéed skate wing with caper brown butter. Close your eyes and let your taste buds explode with the essence of the streets of france.

Briny oysters, sweet “Stella Maris” clams and South Carolina blue crabs... Come join us in a walk down to the docks to pick up some of Charleston’s own local fresh catch. Learn the delicate art of oyster shucking and crab picking and help prepare a seafood extravaganza.

Marinades and meats on the barbe. Learn tenderizing tips, make delicious marinades and discover what are good cuts for grilling to make for the perfect patio party. We will also explore salsas, tapenades and other flavorful toppings.

From shrimp and grits to corn pudding. Grind your own cornmeal and learn the basics behind the wonderfully colorful cuisine of the south. Find out how our culinary traditions have evolved into some of the most sought after cuisines of the day.

Come share in restaurant lore and learn how to prepare the dishes that customers come back for over and over again. Five and Ten’s chocolate pot de creme or the menu staple, pecan crusted trout, at Last Resort Grill. Learn how restaurants develop menus and build on more complex combinations.

Tuscan ribolitta, pork Milanese, crusty rosemary foccacia and the creamiest risotto. Come explore the essence of Italian cuisine…..the freshest farm ingredients handled simply. Learn the secrets passed down from generations and discover the basic tools needed to replicate this cuisine at home.

A perfectly prepared menu begins with the most superb ingredients prepared with a command of the most elemental culinary techniques. Come learn the secrets of stocks, sauces and basic knife skills. Apply these techniques to build complex, full flavored taste sensations at home.

Stock basics and farm fresh soups from scratch. Join in on our basic techniques class that will have you making classic French sauces and the most devine home-made soups.

From the most gourmet macaroni and cheese to an oven roasted chicken pot pie. Join in on a feast of foods that will make you feel all warm and toasty inside. Learn about traditional southern dishes made with a twist to appeal to the most sophisticated palate.

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